INTERVIEW: Spark Power’s Scott Post on the benefits of energy efficiency

INTERVIEW: Spark Power’s Scott Post on the benefits of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has become an important objective for businesses across North America. In fact, buildings are one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions, placing facilities and facility owners in a unique position to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.   

Governments, including those in both the U.S. and Canada, have stepped up to support businesses in this shift towards efficiency through financial incentives for improvements and upgrades. These incentives are also helping to achieve goals set by the UN of net-zero emissions by 2050.   

Spark Power is helping customers achieve optimal energy usage through our energy efficiency services. This offering is helping businesses and business owners across North America develop customized plans that will enable their facilities to reach optimal energy use.  

Scott Post, Branch Manager at Spark’s Calgary office, shared some insights about how customers can use energy efficiency action plans to help their businesses save on both costs and carbon.  

Q: What is an energy efficiency action plan? 

SP: An energy efficiency plan is an open-ended walkthrough of a plant or facility that identifies potential areas for upgrades or energy optimization. It can be done in a day, depending on the size of the facility, and is performed by a skilled technician. By creating a plan, technicians can identify niche things that will save our customers money, time, and carbon emissions.   

Q: How can energy efficiency action plans benefit customers? 

SP: We can help customers understand if they have efficiency issues on-hand, and if they do, our team can specifically identify these issues, versus the customer spending time and money to understand what the underlying issues are. We can also help customers avoid costly equipment replacements by repairing systems or equipment, if appropriate. Not only can these enhancements improve old and inefficient equipment, safety-related systems can also be updated, which is critical to many businesses. More current components and control systems using newer technologies can help eliminate or reduce downtime due to older and slower equipment response times. Our goal is to ensure that we minimize your downtime, so you’re not down for an hour, you’re down for a few minutes. 

Q: What types of energy efficiency services does Spark offer? 

SP: Spark can provide lighting assessments along with assessments of air leaks, air compressor inefficiencies, and excessive heat – all things that impact a building’s overall efficiency. Once we identify any inefficiencies, we can provide and install solutions, should customers choose to go that route.  

Q: Can Spark help businesses apply for energy incentives? 

SP: Absolutely. Our team helps businesses identify government incentives and regulations that are relevant to their jurisdictions.   

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