Energy efficiency services – a new way to cut costs and carbon

Energy efficiency services – a new way to cut costs and carbon

We are excited to introduce energy efficiency services, a new offering from Spark Power. This service provides customers with a way to improve their operations by reducing their energy use, carbon emissions, and overall costs.  

How does this service increase sustainability? 

Energy efficiency is a growing area of interest with many benefits including cost and carbon savings. In fact, a report by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) found that between the years 2016 and2035 there will be approximately 740,985 GWh of cost-effective electric energy efficiency economic potential. This is equivalent to reducing U.S. electricity needs by about 16% in 2035. The report also indicates that significant savings are anticipated throughout the commercial and industrial sectors. By enhancing our energy efficiency, we can move towards a lower carbon, more economically viable future.  

Reducing your carbon emissions often begins with energy efficiency. By understanding how you can optimize your facility’s electrical demand, you can eliminate unnecessary power usage. Reducing this energy consumption also shrinks your carbon footprint and helps your facility meet sustainability goals.  

How does it work? 

Spark and its sustainability division, Bullfrog Power, will work together to assess your facility for opportunities to increase and implement efficiency measures and explore rebates that may be available to you. This is a no-obligation service, and if you decide to move forward, Spark will provide you with a quote to perform these upgrades with end-to-end support. Depending on your needs, we can provide: 

  • Lighting upgrades through retrofit or smart LED lighting conversion. 
  • Single speed drive replacement(s) to eliminate excessive heat, reduce electrical demand, and add more precise control over your processes. 
  • Identification of air leaks and inefficient air compressors, which are often overlooked but significant contributors to lost energy. 

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