Northwind offers a comprehensive approach to protecting your wind and solar assets. After all, they’re not just equipment: They’re your commitment towards creating a sustainable future through clean energy generation.

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The story

Clean, renewable energy offers tremendous opportunity and benefits for businesses, people, and communities.

And it was the reward of maintaining environmentally responsible energy projects which lead to the establishment of Northwind Solutions in 2004.

With a mission to minimize downtime and maximize the value of renewable energy assets today, and for the long term, Northwind’s first project was to provide construction management services to a single wind farm in Manitoba.

Since then, Northwind has grown to manage over 600MW of solar and wind assets. Delivering asset monitoring, performance analytics, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services to the renewable energy industry, Northwind has become a recognized wind and solar O&M services leader across North America.

What Northwind does

Northwind provides a wide range of services customized to protect your critical wind and solar investments:

  • Operations and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring and analytics
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Minor and major repairs
  • Consulting services

We can’t control the sun. And we can’t control the wind. But we can make sure your renewable energy assets are operating with peak efficiency 24/7. And if they’re not, we’ll make sure they get back up and running with on-demand and on-site repairs.

Joining Spark Power

In 2013, Spark Power acquired Northwind Solutions. As a leader in renewable asset maintenance, Northwind’s experience perfectly complimented Spark Power’s ambition to delivering better and cleaner energy management.



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